terça-feira, 4 de junho de 2013

Palestra: Blood Pulsation Imaging – a tool for study the cardiovascular system.

De um dos artigos recentes do prof. A. Kamshilin, fonte aqui.
Teremos nessa próxima quarta-feira, dia 5 de junho às 18h e 30 minutos, no miniauditório do IFCE - Campus Fortaleza - uma palestra do professor Alexei A. Kamshilin sobre processamento digital de imagens aplicado ao sistema cardiovascular.

Mais detalhes:

Prof. A. A. Kamshilin - University of Eastern Finland, Department of Applied Physics, P.O. Box 1627, FIN-70211, Kuopio, Finland.

Blood Pulsation Imaging – a tool for study the cardiovascular system.

Abstract: Development of noncontact and non-invasive techniques capable for measuring dynamic processes in cardiovascular system is very important both for biomedical research and clinical practice. In this presentation we discuss new advanced features of recently proposed system of blood pulsation imaging, BPI. The method is based on the photoplethysmographic imaging in the reflection mode. Hardware of the BPI system is very simple: it consists of few light-emitting diodes for subject illumination and conventional digital camera for video recording. In contrast with previous imaging systems we use new algorithm for video-data processing which allows two-dimensional mapping of blood pulsations of large subject’s areas after every cardiac cycle.

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