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Luto no Xadrez: Viktor Lvovich Korchnoi (1911 - 2016)

Caruana (2721) 0 x 1 Korchnoi (2544), 9º Gibraltar Masters, 2011 (Gibraltar Website. 2011)

Faleceu hoje o GM Viktor Korchnoi, conhecido como "Viktor, o Terrível". Era uma lenda viva do xadrez. Chegou muito perto de ser campeão mundial de xadrez. Esteve na elite do xadrez mundial por mais de seis décadas. Foi protagonista de uma das maiores rivalidades no xadrez (Karpov - Korchnoi).

Mais sobre Viktor aqui. Um obituário completo aqui. Trecho:

Victor Korchnoi, who has died aged 85, was one of the most enduringly consistent grandmasters on the international circuit and reckoned by some to have been the strongest chess player never to have been world champion; in 1976 he became the first Russian chess grandmaster to defect from the Soviet Union and much of his later career was overshadowed by Cold War politics. 

Korchnoi began his international chess career in the 1950s and in the 1960s won the Soviet Championship four times. He won five European Championship titles, two interzonal tournaments for the world championship, and two Candidates Tournaments, in 1977 and 1980.

Known in his prime as “Viktor the Terrible”, during his early career Korchnoi’s playing style was characterised by aggressive counter-attack, and by tenacious defence. But in his prime he became a genuine all-rounder, playing equally well with or without the initiative, in attack or defence.

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