segunda-feira, 18 de novembro de 2013

Divulgando: ScilabTEC conference

ScilabTEC is the annual meeting of current and future Scilab users which has become the major event of numerical computation and simulation community since 2009.

Deadline for abstract submission: 17th January 2014

The Conference Commitee welcomes abstracts on the main scientific domains using Scilab/Xcos for numerical computation such as automotive, aeronautics, space, energy, defense, telecommunications, biomedical, finance, transportation, environment.

The purpose of the presentation is to show the full potential of Scilab/Xcos for solving real life problems. In particular, Scilab industrial applications and new Scilab external modules presentations will be greatly appreciated.

Call for papers

The ScilabTEC conference organizers welcome participants to present contributions in order to share their expertise of the use of Scilab/Xcos in the main scientific domains using numerical computation, such as:
- Automotive,
- Aeronautics,
- Space,
- Energy,
- Defense,
- Telecommunications,
- Biomedical,
- Finance,
- Transportation,
- Environment…
Also innovative trends such as parallelization, embedded systems, cloud computing, big data, etc. are welcome.
Postagem sugerida pelo meu atual ex-bolsista Anderson Chaves.

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  1. Ex-bolsista por enquanto. Quando voltar da Escócia pretendo voltar com boas surpresas para novos trabalhos juntos. =D

    1. Vamos manter contato. Podemos trabalhar mesmo à distância. :-)